Johnson Koh has great passion for insects since young and soon learnt that the only insect in the world that produces nutritional food for human is nothing else but the BEE.

Being young and armed with curiosity, he attended and finished his Diploma course in Apitherapy (healing using bee products) in year 2001. His family and friends became his 'guinea pigs'. Seeing and witnessing surprising results; and coupled with much encouragement after receiving countless good testimonials, he came to realise that he has a calling and a vision ahead.

Just one year, after obtaining his Diploma, he decided to do his part in serving the public health and thus started API Nutrition & Therapy Centre Pte Ltd, marketing his products under his very own brand, Uniflora®.

Since then, not only he is equipped with better knowledge of the Bee Products but the public has grown to understand the Bee Product is an essential supplement to stay healthy.

Seeing his vision drawing to realisation, he knew he could do more. Now he hopes that everyone in his homeland do not miss out the great benefits of Bee Products which bring good health; but also enjoying a great lifestyle.

Johnson does not have a dream but a vision. Johnson believes he is serving a calling and completing his mission, through the benefits of Bee Products, for better health and skin management.
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