Bioflora Pure Propolis

BiofloraŽ is proud to introduce pure propolis extracted using Supercritical Extraction CO2 (SFE). Using only superior Propolis, the technology promises to keep its freshness, free of biological contamination and maintain the favonoids potency at optimum level.

The most important pharmalogical active constituents in Propolis are favonoids, rich enzymes, phytonicide, vitamins and various phenolics and aromatics. It is known in the worlds "natural antibiotic".

Pure Propolis is added with Perilla seed oil from Eastern medical herb called perlis which contains flax acid. Results from research found that it helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar level. It includes DHA and EPA that assists in the immunity system, heart and brain function.

Pure Propolis assists in the followings :

1. Cardio-vascular disorder
2. Diabetes
3. Senile dementia
4. Cancer
5. Allergic inflammation
6. Gastro-intestinal disorders
From Japan/ Brazil
Suitable for vegetarian
Not suitable for vegan